Frequently Asked Questions


What is Halal?

HALAL (HALAL) means the whole of "healthy goods and activities" allowed by Muslim teachings (Sharia law and Islamic principle). Halal's opposition is called "non-halal" or "haram", which means harmful or addictive things to Muslims. Muslims, therefore, should avoid foods, drinks, etc. that are not officially recognized as Halal items.

Is there a restaurant where you can eat Halal?

Ahead of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, restaurants that have responded to Halal in Japan are also increasing. Although you can search by searching on the Internet, it is still a situation that is not enough. At The Halal Shop, we hope that Muslims will be able to deliver safe eating habits in Japan, hoping to increase the number of eating out shops corresponding to Halal, we are pioneering the dealers of halal chicken sequentially.

What is Halal certification?

Halal certification is a facility that has been verified and approved based on the Sharia law of Islam and certifies that the product produced at this facility is halal. Marks are given to products etc. recognized as HALAL, standards of foods, etc. not including those forbidden by Muslims are determined, the raw materials · manufacturing process · product quality are examined, and HALAL MARK It is displayed.

I would like to eat Halal-compliant meals at home?

The Halal Shop sells halal chicken and others at online shopping so that you can enjoy Halal food at home. Because we are preparing products such as Hareal product set which is easy to use even for the first time use, please use.

I am looking for a halal product for children's lunch.

Schools that provide school lunches that are compatible with Halal are very limited in Japan. However, Muslim mother asked me "I would like to have the same bento with my classmate who is eating meals at the very least", and we also developed popular menus such as hamburgers and sausages that are easy to use with lunch boxes We are offering. I hope your child will enjoy the school life in Japan as much as possible.

Can not you eat Halal-compatible food except Muslim?

Halal certification is judged from two aspects. One is in accordance with the teachings of Islam and being Hallal. The other is safety.

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