1. Area Covered: The Goods are shipped only within the territorial Boundary of Japan.
2. Time Required: The Goods will be shipped by Standard Surface Delivery (‘Takkyubin’) to reach all areas within Japan.
For orders placed before 13:00 Hrs. (1 PM), Shipping time that may need to reach to you, as follows;

2 days to reach Okinawa, Hokkaido, Fukuoka, Oita, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Ehime (Some Islands), Saga, Nagasaki and Kagoshima.

All other areas will receive within next day of order [Exception applies on the following- Prefecture/Ken Name like Akita, Aomori, Ehime, Hiroshima, Iwate, Kagawa, Kouchi, Okayama, Shimane, Tokushima, Tottori, Wakayama, Yamaguchi where parcels will be delivered next day 1 PM onward (Means, on next day earliest delivery ”between 9 am and 1 pm” to those prefectures is not possible) ].

3. Confirmation Call: Prior to shipment you will not receive any call, unless otherwise specified as additional comments in check out page.
4. Shipment: All the products from our store are delivered via standard surface delivery available in Japan (known as ‘Takkyubin’).

5. Combined Orders: Combined orders of goods from two or more sections in our store will be reduced to a single shipping cost for a single address. (Example: Orders combining goods from Foods & Spices and Fashion Wear will incur a shipping cost of 1500yen only for a single delivery address, not [1500+550=2050yen].)

6. ‘Free Shipping’: Any order (excluding ‘Phone Card’ purchase) exceeding without tax the amount of 5,000 Yen for ‘DRY PACKS’ and 7,000yen for ‘COOL PACKS’ will incur no shipping cost. This offer is valid for all the categories in our store.

7. Payment Method: Payment method is ‘Cash-on-Delivery’. The amount of bill will be paid hand to hand to the Delivery Person. However, if customers would like to send some items to their family or friends living in japan other than the location where he (sender customer) lives, by phone they may ask us directly to know his bill and pay that amount to our post account prior to despatch.
8. Disclaimer: Our store will not hold responsibilities for the unavailability of the recipient while delivery. Unavailability of the recipient of the goods ordered may be subject to financial penalties as per standard rules apply and accepting further orders may cease to exist.

[ Shipment of Goods ]

Foods and Spices:
The goods ordered are packed in Box cartons. The inclusion of any ‘COOL PACK’ items will automatically switch the movement into Frozen Goods Carrier.
Fashion Wear:
The goods ordered are packed in Box cartons if ordered alone. Any order placed along with the Foods and Spices section and/or other section, Book Store will come in a combined package.
Book Store:
The goods ordered are packed in Box cartons if ordered alone. Any order placed along with the Foods and Spices section and/or Fashion Wear, any other section will come in a combined package.

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